Employment Experience

Technical Director,
Theme Designer


Central Christian Church

2012 – Present


As the Technical Director I was as a part of the Central Production Team which was charged with creating a distraction-free environment in which people would be able to discover and fully own faith in Jesus. The team’s responsibility covered all technical systems and teams across all 5 locations, which included 16 primary presentation venues, and multiple additional media-equipped presentation spaces. Developing and maintaining cross-campus consistency, easy-to operate yet robust systems, and good stewardship of funds were top priority.

I was also integral to helping develop plans for new locations and to upgrades to existing locations through coordination with executive leadership, ministry representatives, architects, and contractors.

As the Theme Designer at Central, I was responsible for designing all lighting and scenic elements in order to create an engaging visual environment for a multi-site mega-church; my responsibilities covered all of 5 the location across the Phoenix metro area, these ranged in size from 225 seats to 2,000 seats in proscenium and modified thrust configurations. Design responsibilities included both live worship environments as well as themed architectural environments.

I was also charged with training and managing volunteers, as well as serving in other production roles, such as live video, as needed.


Resident Lighting &
Sound Designer


Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

2009 – 2012

Kalamazoo Civic


At the Civic, I served as the resident lighting and sound designer for 14-show season for a 500 seat proscenium, 190 seat black-box, and 120 seat studio theatre. In addition to designing, I was charged with mentoring staff design interns as well as high school apprentices.

I was also charged with supervising and managing all areas of the electrics department and theater spaces, training and managing volunteers, creating and maintaining production and capital budgets, and assisting with outside rentals of the venue.

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Technical Director


awaken college & career


awaken kalamazoo


I was brought onto the Council of awaken college & career group to serve as their technical director. In this position, I am responsible for all technical elements for services and events. These elements include setting up temporary sound systems, helping to create and operate media content in ProPresenter, deploying and monitoring a live internet stream f the service, and developing and maintaining the awaken website.

As a member of the council, I have helped to re-launch this community group and update it for the current generation. In order to do this, I have helped bring live streaming to students away at school. I developed and implemented their website and social media accounts. I have moved registration and contact info collection to a completely digital medium. In addition, I have incorporated other elements like YouVersion live groups, digital music stands, and real-time surveys, and twitter integration to the services.

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Programming Team Member,
Technical Team Member


gracespring Bible Church

2010 – 2012

gracespring Bible Church


As a part of the programming team I was charged with “making the message stick”. This charge could take any form that we felt would be successful. This team was also responsible for helping to plan and develop elements for the weekly services and special events.

As a part of the technical team, I was charged with providing technical support for services and special events. This included designing and operating lighting systems, sound systems, and video systems. I would also shoot and edit videos as necessary.

Graduate Lighting Assistant /
Faculty Assistant


Indiana University

Lee Norvelle Theatre & Drama Center

2006 – 2009

Indiana University


As a Faculty Assistant, my role was threefold; part of the time I was an educator, part was spent as designer, and finally part was spent as electrician.

As an educator, I was responsible for presenting lectures on lighting design and related topics to an undergraduate lighting class of approximately 30 each semester. I was also responsible for supervising undergraduate students during their practical hands-on laboratory hours.

As designer, I was responsible for designing a least 3 productions a year. These designs covered a variety of styles, and included working with a variety of design teams.

As an electrician, I provided support to my fellow designers. This included supporting all aspects of the electrics department for a 500 seat proscenium and 200 seat flexible theaters.

Master Electrician


Brown County Playhouse


Brown County Playhouse


Served as master electrician, setting-up and maintaining all lighting and sound related elements for a 4 production summer-stock theatre. The venue was a 400 seat deep thrust with a static grid and catwalk. Control was a Strand Palette Series, Equipment was a mixture of ETC Source 4 and Older Altman 6x# fixtures.

Technical Team


Central Christian Church of the East Valley

1994 – 2006

Central Christian Church


As a technical team member, I was responsible for helping support all technical needs for worship services and special events. Primarily, these events happened in the 2,000 seat venue, but occasionally happened in other areas of the campus. During my time at Central, my responsibilities covered a range of duties covering all technical areas including lighting, sound, video, and special effects.

For lighting, I would serve as designer as well as electrician as I set-up, cued, and operated lighting for services. I would also maintain equipment on a regular basis as I was the primary lighting technician. As a sound engineer, I would mix audio for services and events in addition to recording services for later duplication. In the video area, I operated all elements over my time. This included handheld and robotic comers, switching, engineering, playback, recording, and directing. I also assisted in several studio moves and upgrades that took the video department from a 2-camera imag set-up into a multi-camera, HD set-up ready for the multi-site format.

Over the years at Central, I became a key member of the technical team. My time at Central saw drastic changes and improvements to the technical systems. Many of these I was a part of the install. There is not a single area of the campus I have not squeezed into while pulling cables, andI have soldered, crimped, and terminated many of the cable connections.

Sound Studio Manager


University of Arizona

School of Theatre Arts

2005 – 2006

University of Arizona


As the sound studio manager my primary job responsibility was two fold; studio manager, and production sound assistant. As the sound studio manager I was charged with making sure the sound studio, a two suite production facility, was properly maintained and managed. This included maintaining recording equipment and computers, replacing and upgrading equipment as necessary, and scheduling studio time. I was also responsible with teaching students in their sound lab sessions. This included teaching practical labs on topics covering live recording to editing. As the production assistant, I was responsible with setting up systems in the theatre to the specification of the designer, maintaining equipment in the spaces, and training operators in the proper use of equipment.

Electrics Shop Assistant


University of Arizona

School of Theatre Arts

2004 – 2005

University of Arizona


As the electrics shop assistant, I was responsible for all lighting aspects of the department. This included maintaining all equipment and spaces, hanging light plots to the designer’s specifications, maintaining show budgets, training operators in the proper use of equipment, and supervising students during their practical lab hours. As a team we were primarily responsible for The Marroney Theatre, a 332-seat proscenium theatre, The Tornabene Theatre, a unique, five-sided space in which the stage and seating change with each production with seating capacity typically ranging from 250-280 depending on the set configuration, and a small studio space seating about 100.

Technical Staff


University of Arizona

School of Music and Dance

2001 – 2006

University of Arizona


As a technical staff member for the school of music, I was responsible for providing support for any and all events in the two performance venues in the school of music. This included creating and maintaining light plots for recitals, recording concerts for archive use, serving as stage crew for events, and providing whatever support was needed for outside venue rentals.

Our primary responsibility was to support and maintain Crowder and Holsclaw halls. Crowder Hall is a 544-seat recital hall and Holsclaw Hall is a 204-seat organ/chamber music hall. We also provided occasional support for The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, home of the UA Dance Ensemble, a 295-seat theatre that was designed and built especially for dance.